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                        Schultz Family Crests & Name Meaning

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                        Schultz Family Crest (included with History Book)

Page 1, 2        Dedication / Acknowledgements


Page 4             Julius Schultz                                                                                       

                        Eva Schulz                                                                                                                                 

Page 14                      Adelgunda (Jenny) Schultz

                                                Emil Kiel

                                                Martha Kiel

Page 27                                    Carl Otto Nordin

Page 33                                                Dale Nordin

Page 34                                                Conny Nordin

Page 36                      Olga Schultz

                                    Harry Reeves

                                                Ervin Reeves

                                                June Freden

                                                            Kandy Reeves

                                                            Gregory Martin

                                                                        Gina Martin

                                                                        Brian Eckland

                                                                                    Chelsea Eckland

                                                                                    Dylan Eckland

                                                            Leonard Sparks

                                                                        Kelly Sparks

                                                                                    Jamie Sparks

                                                                                    Timothy Sparks

                                                            Patty Reeves

                                                            Keith Jones

                                                                        Tracy Jones

                                                                        Darrin Jones

                                                            Daniel Reeves

                                                            Barbara Krigbaum

                                                                        Heather Reeves

                                                                        Shane Reeves

                                                            Timothy Reeves

                                                            Laurie Carpenter

                                                                        Jeremy Reeves

                                                            Shannon Lenhart

                                                Merlin Reeves

                                                Donna Hanson

                                                            Gary Reeves

                                                            Carrie Hoover

                                                                        Chistopher Reeves

                                                            Judy Small Hill

                                                            Kelly Whitman

                                                            Susan Small

                                                                        Tonya Whitman

                                                                        Dustin Ray Whitman

                                                                        Tamara Whitman

Page 52                      George Schultz

                                    Olga Schmidt

Page 59                                    Doris Schultz

Page 61                                                Norman Don Ismail

                                                            Lorraine McDaniel

                                                                        Dylan Richard Ismail

                                                                        Corley Lorraine Ismail

Page 62                                  Donaven Schultz

Page 64                                  Raymond Schultz

                                                Laila Walseth

                                                            Lorin Schultz

                                                            Kathy Oswald

                                                                        Jennifer Schultz

                                                                                    Dillon Lorin Dennis

                                                            Michael Schultz

                                                            Josee Tremblay

                                                                        Micah Frederick Schultz

                                                            Joan Schultz

                                                                        Emily Elizabeth

Page 66                                  Gilbert Schultz

                                                Frances Tucker

                                                            Thomas Schultz

                                                            Toby Schultz

                                                            Tiffany Jill Caleffi

                                                                        Sydney Priscilla Schultz


Page 68                      Augusta Schultz

                                    Gotlieb Tober

                                    Otto Tober

                                                Clement Tober

                                                Joesphine St. Dennis

                                                            Beverly Tober

                                                            Jim Hill

                                                                        Dale Hill

                                                                        Robert James Hill

                                                                        Berva Dawn Kesler

                                                                                    Kurtis Tyler Hill

                                                            Carol Tober

                                                            Glen Miller

                                                                        Christopher Miller

                                                                        Sandra Miller

                                                                        Gerald Davey

                                                                                    Terrance Davey

                                                                                    Jade Davey

                                                                                    Janessa Davey

Page 78                                  Allan Tober

                                                Selma Eisner

                                                            Mynra Tober

                                                            John Collins

                                                                        Kristel Collins

                                                                        Daniel Collins

                                                            Glenn Tober

                                                            Laura Heffel

                                                                        Kodie Tober

                                                                        Kelsy Tober

                                                                        Kyrha Tober

                                                            Andrea Rochat

                                                            Caren Tober

                                                            Richard Nickerson

                                                                        Kyle Nickerson

                                                                        Tyler Nickerson

                                                            Bruce Tober

                                                            Monique Boudreau

                                                            Loyde Tober

                                                Lawrence Tober

Page 86                      John Schultz

Page 92                      Edward Schultz

                                    Lydia Tober

Page 102                                Laverne Clifford Schultz

                                                Myrna Verschoor

Page 114                                            Charilyn Schultz

                                                            Earl Brent Sutherland

                                                                        Mathew Gordon Sutherland

                                                                        Stacey Lynn Sutherland

Page 115                                            Lori Gayle Schultz

                                                            Andre Brien

                                                                        Amanda Brien

                                                                        Michael James Brien

Page 117                                            Shayne Edward Schultz

                                                            Catherine Lehmann

                                                                        Brian Edward Schultz

                                                                        Michelle Lynn Schultz

Page 117                                            Dawn Schultz

                                                            Paul Galloway

                                                                        Devon Galloway

Page 119                                Stanley Schultz

                                                Faye Hunt

                                                            Brett Schultz

                                                            Karen Spurrell

                                                                        Michael Schultz

                                                                        Justin Schultz

                                                            Calvin Schultz

                                                            Linda Verschoor

                                                                        Tyler Schultz

                                                                        Tasha Schultz

                                                            Kathy Schultz

                                                            Grant Phillips

                                                                        Kyla-Faye Phillips

                                                                        Gregory Phillips

                                                            Ricky Schultz

                                                            Melody Hickie

                                                                        Brittany Schultz

                                                                        Colton Schultz

                                    Clara Tober

Page 121                                Elwood Schultz

                                                Marie Wold

Page 122                                            Darlene Schultz

                                                            Kevin Bathgate

                                                                        Cora Lea Bathgate

                                                                        Bradley Adam Bathgate

Page 123                                            Carolyn Schultz

                                                            Darrell Fredland

                                                                        David Fredland

                                                                        Scott Fredland

Page 124                                Jean Schultz

                                                Ernest Massner

Page 129                                            Debbie Massner

                                                            Ricky Hammer

                                                                        Rochelle Hammer

                                                                        Kia Reintjes

                                                                                    Elisha Marie Reintjes

                                                                                    Tristan Ernest Reintjes

                                                            Dave Twerdoclib

                                                                        Lashauna Twerdoclib

                                                                        Colin Twerdoclib

Page 133                                            Shirley Massner

                                                            David Bibo

                                                                        Anika Nicole Bibo

                                                                        Kieran James Bibo

Page 135                                            Perry Massner

                                                            Chris Tanasiuk

                                                                        Jason Massner

                                                                        Jessica Massner

                                                            Karen Park

                                                                        Dustin Ronald Massner

                                                                        Courtney Jean Massner

Page 136                                Ervin Schultz

                                                Frances Anderson

                                                            Maureen Schultz

                                                            Ragan Troy Statham

                                                                        Aleese Dylynn Statham

                                                                        Ambrie Kylynn Statham

                                                            Warren Schultz

                                                            Leslie Schultz

                                                            Curtis Whyte

                                                            Brian Schultz

                                                Roy Schultz

Page 138                                Judy Schultz

                                                Henry Schuurman

                                                            Valerie Schuurman

                                                            Christopher Newton

                                                                        David Allen Newton

                                                                        Michael Henry Newton

                                                                        Taya Joy Newton

                                                            Darrell Schuurman

Page 141                                Gordie Schultz

                                                Florence Laforce

                                                            Stephanie Anne Marie Schultz

                                                            Christine Clara Marie Schultz

                                                            Brigitte Schultz

Page 143                    Emil Schultz

                                    Mary Fitzel

                                                Deanna Schultz

                                                Dennis Masuch

                                                            Kimberly Masuch

                                                            Craig Schweiger

                                                                        Lauren Lee Schweiger

                                                                        Kyle Schweiger

                                                            Deborah Masuch

                                                            Gerhard Young

                                                            Dennis Masuch

                                                            Debbie Nalder

                                                                        Allison Masuch

                                                Robert Schultz

                                                Gloria Bestilney

                                                            Jason Schultz

                                                Susan Schultz

                                                Leo Hazzard

Page 152                    Adele (Della) Schultz

Page 159                    Herbert Walter Lechelt

                                                Harvey Walter Lechelt

Page 161                                Howard Gerald Lechelt

                                                Mable Boode

                                                            Catherine Irene Lechelt

                                                            David Gordon Christie

                                                                        David Graham Christie

                                                                        Raymond Andrew Christie

                                                            Gregory Darryl Lechelt

                                                            Donna Coste

                                                                        Amanda Lee Lechelt

                                                                        Ryan Micheal Lechelt

                                                            Brent David Lechelt

                                                            Patti Eastaugh

                                                                        Brianne Joan Lechelt

Page 168                                Alvin Ervin Lechelt

                                                Lavern (Tracy) Schobie

                                                            Carey Bret Lechelt

                                                            Sheldon Ray Lechelt

                                                                        Eric Stewart Ferguson Lechelt

                                                            Sherry Adele Lechelt

                                                                        Ashley Elisabeth Whitlock

                                                                        Chelsea Rae Whitlock

                                                                        Carrey Brett Whitlock

Page 172                                Gordon Gerald Lechelt

                                                Carol Alton

                                                            Dean Lechelt

                                                            Jessica Iribar

                                                                        Gabriella Alicia Lechelt

                                                                        Payton Walter Lechelt

Page 176                                Irene Myrtle Lechelt

                                                Arnold Kenner

                                                            Dale Todd Kenner

                                                            Bobby Troy Kenner

                                                            Joni Kerr

                                                            Leo Tim Kenner

                                                            Page Dorann McPhearson

                                                                        Cate Bliss Kenner

Page 180                                Donald Wilfred Lechelt

                                                Sharon Nelson

                                                            Sandra Lechelt

                                                            Darcy James Berlitz

                                                                        Dakota Rae Berlitz

                                                                        Kaitlyn Susan Berlitz

                                                            Scott Lechelt

                                                            Michelle Kitlar

                                                                        Braden Riley Lechelt

Page 182                                Lorraine Lillian Lechelt

                                                Reinhold Hein

                                                            Mark Douglas Hein

                                                            Gail Shelly Hein

                                                            Neil Carey Adams

                                                                        Tzxumara Tezia Hein-Adams

                                                            Robin Lynn Hein

                                                            Peter Ziobro

                                                                        Danielle Lorraine Ziobro

                                                                        Mark Edward Ziobro

                                                            Dwayne Roger Hein

                                                            Miranda (Mandy) Kostiuk

                                                                        Eric Carl Hein

                                                                        Cole Mark Hein

Page 187                                Clement Charles Lechelt

                                                Ferne Bowness

                                                            Kimberly Lechelt

                                                            Christopher Lechelt

                                                            Melissa Ann Gray

                                                                        Rhianna Teaghan Lechelt

                                                                        Kirah Anna Lechelt

Page 188                                Caroline Jane Lechelt

Page 192                    Rudolph Schultz

                                    Lily Lechelt

Page 206                                Ronald Schultz

                                                Josephine Beaumont

                                                            Patricia Schultz

                                                            Brett Steeves

                                                                        Miran Steeves

                                                                        Brett Steeves

                                                            Randell Schultz

                                                            Brenda Schultz

                                                            Norbert Graf

                                                                        James Dillon Graf

                                                                        Mathew Graf

                                                            Jeanne Schultz

                                                            Derrick Campbell

                                                                        Sarah Campbell

                                                                        Hannah Campbell

                                                Angela Melnychuk

                                                            Bradley Schultz

                                                            Todd Schultz

                                                            Clayton Schultz

Page 211                                Marvin Schultz

                                                Darlene Blumenthal

Page 220                                            Darien Schultz

                                                            Andrea Morissette

                                                                        Brandon Schultz

                                                                        Steven Schultz

                                                                        Crystal Schultz

Page 222                                            Scott Schultz

                                                            Connie Goulet

Page 223                                            Russell Schultz

                                                            Pam Grinde

                                                                        Tyler Schultz

                                                                        Dustin Schultz

Page 224                                Wallace Schultz

                                                Peggy Meier

                                                            Kenneth Schultz

                                                            Jessica Gutta

                                                                        Joselyn Schultz

                                                                        Joey Schultz

                                                            Darrell Schultz

                                                            Melissa Smith

                                                                        Mathew Schultz

                                                Milton Schultz

                                                Karen Schultz

                                                Adrain Humphreys

                                                            Michelle Humphreys

                                                                        Colton David Minns

                                                            Brian Garnett

                                                                        Magan Garnett

                                                            Ryan Humphreys

                                                            Sharon Vickers

                                                                        Kyla Humphreys

                                                                        Braydon Humphreys

Page 226                                Neil Schultz

                                                Janet Hekkink

                                                            Bridgette Schultz

                                                            Jeffrey Rose

                                                                        Kiefer Rose

                                                                        Megan Rose

                                                                        Nicholas Rose

                                                                        Christopher Rose

                                                            Georgette Schultz

                                                            Baha Karahan

Page 228                                Gary Schultz

                                                Lynn Percy

                                                            Shawn Schultz

                                                            Raymond Neil Schultz

                                                            Haley Marie Schultz

                        “We Were” – 50 Years Ago

                        How to Know You’re Growing Older

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Schultz Name Meaning and History


German: status name for a village headman, from a contracted form of Middle High German schultheize. The term originally denoted a man responsible for collecting dues and paying them to the lord of the manor; it is a compound of sculd(a) ‘debt’, ‘due’ + a derivative of heiz(z)an ‘to command’.


 (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Volhynia (Ukrainian: Волинь, Volyn’, Polish: Wołyń, Lithuanian: Voluinė, German: Wolhynien, Russian: Волынь, Volyn’; Yiddish: װאָהלין, Vohlin; also called Volynia) comprises the historic region in western Ukraine located between the rivers Prypiat and Western Bug -- to the north of Galicia and of Podolia. Part of historical Volhynia now forms the Volyn, Rivne, and parts of Zhytomyr and Ternopil Oblast of Ukraine, as well as parts of Poland. Other major cities include Lutsk, Kovel, Kremenets, and Volodymyr-Volynskyi.

            Volhynia is located in the northwest corner of Ukraine. It is one of 25 provinces in modern day Ukraine. It borders Poland in the west and Belarus (White Russia) in the north and runs east to the Dneiper River and then south roughly to Vinnitsia. The shaded area of the map shows the approximate borders of Volhynia compared to the rest of Ukraine. Technically, the province of Volhynia came into existence in 1797 when it came under Russian control following the third division of Poland. However, it existed long before then and has been occupied by several ruling powers since then.

            In 1921 the Treaty of Riga split Volhynia in half. The eastern portion, beginning just west of Korez, went to Russia while the western part was taken over by Poland. In 1939/40 all of Volhynia came under Russian control and in 1991 Ukraine became an independent country and now has it own government.

History of Volhynia

            The ancient city of Halych first appears in history in 981 when taken over by Vladimir the Great of Kievan Rus. Volhynia's early history coincides with that of the duchies or principalities of Halych and Volodymyr-Volynsky. These two successor states of Kievan Rus formed Halych-Volhynia between the 12th and the 14th centuries.

            After the disintegration of the Grand Duchy of Halych-Volhynia (also called Galich-Vladimir Rus) circa 1340, the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania divided up the region between them, Poland taking Western Volhynia and Lithuania Eastern Volhynia (1352-1366). After 1569 Volhynia formed a province of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. During this period Poles and Jews settled in the area. The Roman and Greek Catholic churches became established in the province, and many Orthodox churches were forcibly annexed by the latter. Records of the first agricultural colonies of Mennonites date from 1783.

            After the third Partition of Poland in 1795 Volhynia became a province (gubernia - the Volhynian Governorate) of the Russian Empire. By the end of the 19th century Volhynia had over 200,000 German settlers (colonists), most of whom immigrated from Congress Poland.   Although economically the area was developing rather quickly, upon the eve of the First World War, it was still the most rural province in Western Russia.

            In 1921 after the end of the Polish-Soviet war, the treaty known as the Peace of Riga divided Volhynia between Poland and the USSR. Poland took the larger part and established a Volhynian Voivodeship.  Most of eastern Volhynia became part of the Zhitomir Oblast.

            In 1935-1938 Stalin had the Poles of Eastern Volhynia deported — the first ethnic deportation in the history of the Soviet Union.

            In 1939 the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact transferred all of Volhynia territory to the Soviet Union. In the course of the Nazi-Soviet population transfers which followed this German-Soviet reconciliation, the German minority population of Volhynia migrated to Polish areas annexed by Nazi Germany. The Nazi authorities later evacuated them. Most of the Jewish and Polish minorities became victims of the ethnic cleansing by Nazis and Ukrainian groups. Between 1942 and 1944, there was a major escalation in armed ethnic conflicts between the Polish and Ukrainian populations resulting in ethnic cleansing operations. Volhynia remained a part of Soviet Union after the end of World War II. Most of those Poles who survived the war were expatriated to Poland in 1945 (see: Recovered Territories). Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Volhynia has been part of independent Ukraine.


Mezhyrich Abbey in Ostroh was endowed by Princes                                                Pochayiv Lavra,  the spiritual heart of the Orthodox in Volhynia        

Ostrogski in the 15th century                                                                                                                                                                           

Volhynia Germans

 (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

            The migration of Germans into Volhynia (today covering northwestern Ukraine from a short distance west of Kiev to the border with Poland) occurred under significantly different conditions than those going to other parts of Russia. Their migration began at the encouragement of local noblemen, often Polish landlords, who wanted to develop their significant land holdings in the area. Probably 75% or more of them originated from Russian Poland with the balance coming directly from other regions such as East and West Prussia, Pomerania, Posen, Württemberg, and Galicia among others. Although the noblemen themselves offered certain perks for the move, the Germans of Volhynia received none of the special tax and military service freedoms attributed to the Germans in other areas.

            The settlement started as a trickle shortly after 1800. A surge occurred after the first Polish rebellion of 1831 but by 1850, they were still only about 5000 in number. The largest migration came after the second Polish rebellion of 1863 when they began to flood into the area by the thousands until they reached their peak at about 200,000 in the year 1900. The vast majority of these Germans were of the Lutheran (in Europe they were referred to as Evangelicals) faith. Limited numbers of Mennonites from the lower Vistula River region settled in the south part of Volhynia while Baptists and Moravian Brethern also arrived, mostly settling northwest of Zhitomir. Another major difference between the Germans here and in other parts of Russia is that the other Germans tended to settle in larger communities. The Germans in Volhynia were scattered about in over 1400 villages. Though the population peaked in 1900, many Germans had already begun leaving Volhynia in the late 1880s for North America.



            German Flag                                                                                        Russian Flag


(Used with permission - June 8/09)



Well, I looks like another generation has gone by since the last major update of our family’s history.  I have taken on the task of spearheading this update.

This wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for the people who did the research and work to create the previous history books from which most of this information is taken from.

Although the previous information has not been left in its original form, I hope it is an improvement.  Much of the text had to be retyped into a computer as the printing was not high enough quality for the computer to read.  Also, the pictures were in black and white and low quality.  Since technology has increased over the years, I have asked for color pictures, or at least original black and white pictures to upgrade the ones used in the past.

I have created a Table of Contents in the front of the book so that you can look up individual people.  I have also created a cross-reference (in the Table of Contents) to convert the page number of the original history book to the page which the information can now be found.

As this is the age of the internet, I have been able to gather a little bit more information on where we came from.  I really wondered what were Germans doing in Russia and why would they go there?

I thank everyone who participated in supplying me with the pictures, information and stories.

I have included the original Family Crest; however there are more than one Family Crests used for the “Schultz” family, so I have included an alternate Family Crest and Coat of Arms.

I hope you enjoy it!

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This book is dedicated to those members of the Schultz families who have lived through very difficult times and worked to provide a better life for themselves and their families.  They loved laughter ad song, and believed that God was truly by their side.  We are grateful for their courage in a new frontier, their stamina against all odds, their love and respect for life and each other.


            I wish to thank all those who took the time and effort to submit their wonderful stories and pictures.  A special thanks foes to all those who researched the early histories, proofread the pages, acted as “couriers”, helped with typing, helped to put the books together, and two very talented people who drew the family trees.  Your efforts will be appreciated by all those who read the family histories, now and in the future.

            As for myself, I have fulfilled a dream of recording our family stories and histories that would otherwise be lost to our future generations.  Determination motivated me, special people encouraged me, and my husband believed in me.  My reward is this truly wonderful history book of which I am very proud.  My wish is that you all enjoy it, continue recording special events, and do hot hesitate to add all those other stories that you wish to leave to your children and future generations.


Sincerely thanking you all,


Darlene Schultz

Box 87, Hay Lakes,

Alberta, T0B 1W0


            There are several reasons why our family history is now written.  First of all, we do not want to lose the history of the Julius Schultz family.  We have already lost all of the history of our forefathers before Julius Schultz.  It would be an even greater loss if the stories and life’s experiences of his children and their descendants would be forgotten as well.  It is the hope that the younger generations can recognize their place in the Schultz family genealogy and continue to live in the spirit of love and respect for one another as our ancestors did during their lifetime.

            This history is a collection of facts, stories, and pictures provided by the descendants of Julius Schultz.  An effort has been made to be accurate in spelling and dates and it is hoped that any errors will not detract from the history.  Please continue to update you history book by recording the special family events that occur in the future and experiences that you wish to hand down to future generations.  Your efforts in this respect will be greatly appreciated by your descendants.

            The total descendants of Julius Schultz as of April 1, 1987 are as follows:

                        Grand children              37

                        Great grandchildren                  83

                        Great Great grandchildren         37


                        Total descendants                     157

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Julius Schultz

Name:              Julius Schultz



Born:                September 29, 1872


Died:                December 22, 1947

            Location:          Edmonton, AB

Occupation:      Farmer, Property Manager


1)      Eva Schulz on July 8, 1897 at Volynia, Russia

2)      Roselie Fenske

Children from first marriage:

1)      Adelgunda (Jenny)

2)      Olga

3)      Antonia – Died as a baby

4)      George

5)      Twin girl who was born at seven months and died at birth

6)      Twin girl who was born at seven months and died at birth

7)      Augusta (Jessie)

8)      John

9)      Edward

10)  Emil

11)  Twin boy who was born premature and died at birth

12)  Twin boy who was born premature and died at birth

13)  Adele (Della)

14)  Rudolph


Julius Schultz                                                                                                                            Eva Schultz

Photographs taken in Edmonton in 1909

Roselie and Julius Schultz – 1925

Life in Russia

                                                                                                By Jenny Berendt

            The following facts are some things that I, Adelgunda (Jenny), the first born child of Julius and Eva Schultz, remember of our lives in Volynia, Russia before immigrating to Canada.  I was only a child at the time but these memories are very clear to me.

            Julius and Eva Schultz worked for a landlord and in return received food and a place to live.  The house consisted of one building with two rooms.  The horses were kept in one room attached to the house.  Julius was a carpenter and built furniture such as closets, beds, tables, and chairs.  After a while, Julius bought a piece of land and grew buckwheat, used in making gritz-wurst, flax for linen, barley, wheat, and oats.  The process to make linen from the flax was slow and lots of hard work.  The flax was cut with a sickle, tied into bundles, and laid into a ditch or slough full of water until it looked rotten.  Then it was beat with paddles, spun into threads, and woven on a loom.  The huge rolls of linen were spread outside to bleach for weeks.  Sometimes it had to be watered down and dried many times to help the bleaching process.  All the clothing, bedding, and other cloth items were made from this; the coarse cloth for pants and jackets, and the fine cloth for shirts, tablecloths, and bedding.  The poorer thread was made into rope.

            More children were born while still in Russia; Olga, Antonia (a girl who died as a baby), George, twin girls who were born at seven months and died at birth, and Jessie.

            Carl and Emilia Schultz were Eva’s parents.  Carl and Emilia had another daughter, Pauline, who married Benjamin Eckert.  In 1902, Carl brought his daughter Pauline and her family across the ocean, first to Portland, Oregon and then to Canada in 1904.  Once they were settled, Carl returned to Russia for his daughter, Eva, her husband Julius and their children.

            Carl told of Canada’s great potential for farming and forestry.  A homestead of 160 acres could be bought for $10 and you became the owner after 3 years.  It offered a free life and a promise of a brighter future.  With a growing family to think of, Julius and Eva decided that Canada held more opportunities for their family and so plans were made to leave.  Saying good-bye must have been difficult, knowing that they would never see their relatives, friends, and the country they grew up in, but the decision made new hope spurred them on.

The Trip to the New Home

            They left Russia in 1906 on a passenger ship and the trip took about three weeks.  While sailing in the ship, Eva was so ill, we all were afraid she wouldn’t survive.  We had to go to the main kitchen and get enough food for our family with dinner pails every day.  The main food which we are was nettle soup, potatoes with their skins, salted herring and hard bread.  Our passenger ship broke down and we were all terrified that we would never make it to land again.  A smaller freighter came to the rescue and we walked a make-shift gang plank from one to the other.  After many more days of crowded conditions, land was sighted.  Everyone cheered loud and long, and many tears of relief were shed when we docked at Halifax.  We all boarded a train and got as far as Winnipeg when Julius realized that all the money had been used and we could go no further.  Carl Schultz went ahead to New Sarepta and sent money back for the Julius Schultz family.  After waiting about a week in Winnipeg, we finally joined him in New Sarepta.

A New Beginning in Canada

            For the next several months we lived on a homestead next to Ben Eckert’s just south of New Sarepta.  Julius went custom threshing for $20 per month in the fall and Eva worked in a Leduc hotel washing dishes for $18 per month.  We then moved to Edmonton, where Eva washed clothes to make extra money.  The entire Schultz family except Jessie got typhoid fever in 1910.  Mom and John were looked after at home by a young girl.  Julius was in the hospital; Jenny and George were kept in a big old house in South Edmonton which was being used for typhoid patients.  It took six weeks for everyone to recover.  Everyone came home just in time for Christmas in 1910.

            Eva took in boarders to make ends meet while Julius worked at Walter’s Saw Mills for $2 per day on the south side of Edmonton.  In 1911 the whole family moved out to S.W. 14-49-22-W4 to homestead.  This quarter of land was first homesteaded by Zucht who lost the farm because he failed to do the required improvements as stated in the Homestead Act.  We lived in the sod house which was built by Zucht.  This house was made by digging a hole in the ground and covering the roof with brush and sod.  Eva wallpapered the inside with pages from the Eaton’s catalogue.

            After living in this dug-out house for 1 ½ years, Julius built a small one-room house with a loft.  The room had a kitchen on one end, table and chairs in the middle, and Julius and Eva’s bed on the other side.  The children slept upstairs, girls on one side and boys on the other.  A ladder was used to get up there.  The main room had a wooden floor; the cupboards were made by staking boxes on top of each other.

            Since emigration from Russia, seven more children were born; John, Edward, Emil, twin boys who were born premature and died at birth, Adele, and Rudolph.  Eva died in childbirth when her last son, Rudolph, was born.  She was 34 years of age and had borne 14 children.  Eva Schultz died before even seeing a car or hearing a radio.

            Because of lack of water, the house and barn were moved ¼ mile north to a new yard-site.  The moving was done with the help of a stump-puller and horses.  A new well was dug by hand, and ample water was found.  This well is still in use today.

            Julius married Roselie Fenske six months later.  Through the following years, they farmed the land and raised the children together.  The children all eventually left except Rudolph.  When Rudolph and Lily Lechelt were married on November 22, 1939, they lived together with Julius and Roselie for about one year.  Julius retired from farming, built a small house on the yard and he and Roselie lived there.  They enjoyed their last years, watching the improvements on the farm, the wonderful new machinery, nice new buildings, and grand-children to teach and spoil.

            Julius suffered from asthma and in December of 1949 got pneumonia.  Two weeks later, he died on December 22, 1949.  Roselie continued to live in their little house, where Rudolph and Lily, helped care for her needs until she suffered a stroke and died in October of 1967.

Julius, Eva, John (baby), George, Jessie, Olga, Jenny

Taken in Edmonton in 1909


Julius Schultz – 2nd row from bottom, 8th from left

Taken at Walters Saw Mill


The Julius Schultz Family 1925

Left to Right, Back Row – Jessie, Gottlib Tober, George, Olga, Emil Kiel, Jenny

Row Two – Rudolph, Roselie, Adele, Julius, Emil, Martha Kiel

Front – John & Edward

Road Building one mile south of home S.W. 14-49-22-W4 in 1916

Left to Right – Carl Mittlestadt, Gus Mittlestadt, Walter Mittlestadt (on horse), Adolph Stebner, George Schultz, Ted Mittlestadt, Ralph Mittlestadt (3 yrs old), August Mittlestadt, Julius Schultz

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Eva Schulz

Name:              Eva Schulz

Father:              Carl Schulz

Mother:            Emilia

Born:                October 29, 1880

            Location:          Volynia, Russia

Died:                October 14, 1917

            Location:          Hay Lakes, AB

Occupation:      Farmer, Property Management

Married:           Julius Schultz at Volynia, Russia on July 8, 1897


1)      Adelgunda (Jenny)

2)      Olga

3)      Antonia – Died as a baby

4)      George

5)      Twin girl who was born at seven months and died at birth

6)      Twin girl who was born at seven months and died at birth

7)      Augusta (Jessie)

8)      John

9)      Edward

10)  Emil

11)  Twin boy who was born premature and died at birth

12)  Twin boy who was born premature and died at birth

13)  Adele (Della)

14)  Rudolph

Edmonton in 1909

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“We Were” – 50 Years Ago

We were before television. We were before radar, credit cards and ball-point pens.  For us, time-sharing meant togetherness, not computers; a chip meant a piece of wood; hardware meant hardwear; and software wasn't even a word.  In those days bunnies were small rabbits and rabbits were not Volkswagens.

When we were in college, pizzas, Cherrios, frozen orange juice and McDonald's were unheard of.  We thought fast food was what you ate during Lent.  We were before pantyhose and drip-dry clothes. Before ice-makers and dishwashers, clothes dryers, freezers and electric blankets.  We got married first and then lived these 50 years.  How quaint we were!  Togetherness!

In our day, cigarette smoking was "fashionable", grass was mowed, coke was something you drank and pot was something you cooked in.  In those days, "Made in Japan" meant junk; and "making out" referred to how you did on an exam.

In our times there were five-and-ten cent stores where you could buy things for five and ten cents.  For a nickle you could make a phone call, buy a coke, or buy enough stamps to mail one letter and two post cards.  You could buy a Chevy coupe for $600.00 but who could afford that?  Nobody! A pity, too, because gas was only 11 cents a gallon.

We were not before the difference between sexes was discovered but we were before sex changes.  We just made do with what we had. Those were the good days for us.

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How to Know You’re Growing Older:

- Everything hurts, and what doesn't hurt doesn't work.

- The gleam in your eyes is from the sun hitting your bifocals.

- You feel like the night before and you haven't been anywhere.

- Your little black book contains only names ending in M.D.

- You get winded playing chess.

- Your children begin to look middle-aged.

- You finally reach the top of the ladder, and you find it leaning against the wrong wall.

- You join the health club and don't go.

- You begin to outlive enthusiasm.

- You decide to procrastinate but never get around to it.

- Your mind makes contracts your body can't meet.

- A dripping faucet causes uncontrollable bladder urge.

- You know all the answers, but nobody asks you the questions.

- You look forward to a dull evening.

- You walk with your head held high trying to get used to your bifocals.

- Your favorite part of the newspaper is Twenty-Five Years Ago Today.

- You turn out the light for economic rather that romantic reasons.

- You sit in a rocking chair and can't get it going.

- Your knees buckle but your belt won't.

- You regret all those temptations you resisted.

- You're 17 around the neck, 44 around the waist, and 105 around the golf course.

- You stop looking forward to your next birthday.

- After painting the town red, you have to take a long rest before applying the second coat.

- Dialing long distance wears you out.

- You are startled the first time someone calls you Old-Timer.

- You remember today that yesterday was your wedding anniversary.

- You just can't stand people who are intolerant.

- The best part of your day is over when the alarm clock goes off.

- Your back goes out more often than you do.

- The little old gray-haired lady you help across the street is your wife.

- You sink your teeth into a steak and they stay there.

- You get all your exercise being pallbearer for your friends who exercise.

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